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ImageHeading back to Africa?
In a recent survey, 80% of our readers said that they are planning to return to Africa within the next 5 years.
Moving back home – or to another African country – can be a positive and rewarding experience, if you go about it the right way.

5 Reasons for Getting Relocation Wrong

  1. Little Preparation and Planning
  2. Lack of research
  3. Poor career and business planning
  4. Scant or outdated knowledge of the country
  5. Limited network of contacts and friends

5 Ways of Getting Relocation Right

1. Plan and prepare carefully

Failing to plan is planning to fail and the key reason why people experience nightmares when they relocate is simply because they fail to plan ahead. Key issues include checking on immigration requirements and personal finances, such as tax, pensions and other policies. Others to consider include medical and health insurance, information on education, property and shipping services.

Do your homework before setting off, particularly if you are relocating with your family.

2. Research and find out the FACTS about what you need to do

Part of your planning is carrying out research even before you make the decision to relocate. Don't rely on anecdotal information from friends and relations; different people have different opinions and what might be the 'perfect location to live in' or the 'best school' may be very different from what you had in mind! Get the facts about your destination and take nothing for granted.


3. Invest in a pre-departure visit to re-orient yourself and set things up

If you haven't visited the country you plan to relocate to for more than two years, many of your assumptions may well be out of date. Many countries have experienced rapid change and development and an advance trip will give you the chance to put your basic requirements in place and prepare the way for relocating.

4. Revive your networks

Make a conscious effort to revive your dormant contacts and your old network. These could include extended family, old school friends, alumni groups, professional or social networks, church members or former colleagues. Use your network where you are now to help you make new connections to people at home who can help you settle in and adapt.

5. Prepare for Work

If you want to relocate as a career move or to start a new business, the same rules apply. If you don’t already have a job offer, research and understand the job market for the country you are heading to. Be clear about your skills and the kind of companies that are recruiting and adapt your CV and applications to fit the market you have in mind. Starting a business will also entail researching the market, understanding the competition and pricing system and making sure that your products or services will be viable. Strategic use of your networks will help you identify trustworthy and reliable business partners or sources of advice for business development once you have relocated.

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