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If you are planning to relocate, seek advice from qualified professionals on your continued residency rights – and that of any family members or dependents – once you have left your country of residence.

Changing residence may also impact on how you report and/or pay taxes in both your home and host country and on your rights to re-enter your host country once you have left.

Issues to consider include:

Citizenship status, Dual nationality/restrictions

Tax (in host and home countries)

Spouse/family conditions for working/education

Residence applications and permits, including visas, corporate permits and corporate worker permits, general work permits, quota work permits, exceptional skills permits and intra-company transfer permits, business permits, study permits, voluntary work permits and accompanying spouse or parent permits

Business plans for business permit applications

Applications for dual-citizenship and resumption of citizenship

Liaison with government departments in home and host countries and compliance with immigration regulations.

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