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ReConnect Uganda

Read our latest articles on Uganda

Uganda at 50

As Uganda celebrates 50 years of independence on October 9th, Collison Lore examines how the country has progressed. Read more


Mining Uganda

Amos Basaza on how investors and Africans abroad can tap into Uganda's abundant mineral resources. Read more

Commercial Fish Farming in Uganda

The fisheries sector in Uganda has over the last decade contributed significantly to the foreign exchange earnings of the country, says Collison Lore. Read more


Social Media Marketing in Uganda

Collison Lore explores the impact of social media on doing business in Uganda. Read more

Land Tenure Systems in Uganda

Land is a central factor of production and one of Uganda’s primary investment assets. Collison Lore looks at the issues involved in owning and holding land in Uganda. Read more


Africa's Honey Pot

Collison Lore explores how Africans abroad can invest in the international honey market through the key role Uganda plays in this sector. Read more


Uganda's Budget

Collison Lore reports on Uganda's 2012/13 financial budget and the government’s efforts to prioritise the growth of the private sector. Read more

About Uganda

2012 Economic Projections

The theme of the 2011/12 annual budget was 'Promoting Economic Growth, Job Creation and Improving Service Delivery'. Read more

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What’s News in Uganda?

Get the latest news on Uganda from New Vision:

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Industry – Petroleum Supply and Quality Assurance

Petroleum Supply & Quality Assurance

Safeguarding the quality and supply of Uganda’s petroleum is critical to the country’s development, says Collison Lore. Read more

Job Seeking in Uganda

Job Seeking in Uganda – Entering the Modern Uganda Job Market

These are tough times internationally, regionally and even nationally, and almost every single fresh, young graduate is out there searching for job openings. Read more

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Nakasero Hospital

If you are looking for a superior level of medical care, access to quality service, and compassion at all times, come to us.

Our vision is to make Nakasero Hospital Limited (NHL) the community's first choice and trusted private hospital in Uganda and East Africa.


Visit Beautiful Uganda – the Pearl of Africa

Welcome to the Pearl of Africa, 2012

With the River Nile, Mountains of the Moon, national parks teeming with wildlife and, above all, friendly people Uganda increasingly offers the best tourism mix.

Sectors – Apparel and Horticulture

Investing in Uganda

Uganda is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. Its strategic location near the centre of sub-Saharan Africa presents the country with the ability to become a hub in the East and Central African regions. Collison Lore explores the apparel and horticulture sectors. Read more

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ROKE Telkom

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We offer professional office services to a wide spectrum of clients. Located in the city centre at Colline house, we have vast experience in the office services business, providing services to start-ups, sole traders, small/medium sized businesses, government departments and companies.



Gateway to Uganda

Find out more about Uganda through:www.visituganda.com

Education in Uganda

At Victoria University Kampala we believe that access to higher education should transcend national boundaries.

We are committed to developing educational opportunities which conform to the highest international standards through collaborative academic partnerships with leading British universities.


Previous Articles on ReConnect Uganda

Training & Uganda's Human Resource Improvement

Despite significant economic recovery and improved macro-economic indicators since 1986, Uganda’s economy continues to face considerable challenges. There is a close relationship between economic and human resource development in the country. Read more


Oil and Gas - Driving Uganda’s Vision 2025

Drilling companies report that they have already discovered 380,000,000 cubic meters (2.4 billion barrels) of oil – and enough natural gas to provide 400,000 cubic meters (14,000,000 cubic feet) every day – just in Uganda.

A scientific study of the known reserves, which are 30 per cent of what has been explored so far, recommended that the country begins at 60,000 bpd and progressively increase this figure if more discoveries are made. More discoveries are expected in Uganda and other Great Lakes countries. Uganda is the new oil province in the region. Read more

Unique Investment Opportunities

The investment opportunities in Uganda have grown rapidly since the twin processes of privatization and liberalization were adopted in the mid 1990s. Read more


State of Uganda Stocks

The last two decades have witnessed a pivotal transformation of the Ugandan economy, civil service reform, a divesture programme, and liberalization. Today, the Bank of Uganda remains one of the most respected central banks in sub-Saharan Africa Read more

Energy: Update on Electricity Generation, Oil & Gas

The month of February witnessed developments in the electricity generation, oil and gas sectors of Uganda's economy. Read more


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