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RCA Magazine May/June 2018

Editorial - This You?
Editorial - Love, Loss and Legacy
Welcome to ReConnect Africa, the leading careers and business website for professionals of African heritage around the world. In this issue, we highlight some upcoming events and activities taking...
If you sometimes wonder about the futility of it all, what strategies can help you re-engage with life?
The profound lack of ethnic diversity across boardrooms in the UK led to the setting up of the Parker Review. Its recommendations could spur a long-awaited evolution in corporate Britain
Your ability to handle difficult situations maturely can build your reputation and help develop enduring professional relationships that serve you well long term, says career coach Vera Ng’oma.
Dear Career Coach, How would you suggest dealing with people who never take responsibility for their actions?
Inspired by her family’s fascinating history with slavery, Ayesha Harruna Attah’s forthcoming third novel, The Hundred Wells of Salaga, tells the story of two women in pre-colonial Ghana.
A report from Future of Ghana gathers the practices, views and opinions of second-generation British-Ghanaians and their approach to the development of Ghana and Africa.
’46.4% of businesses in Ghana are owned by women.’ The 2018 Mastercard Index examined 57 different economies and reveals the progress of African countries towards empowering women...
A new report researches options for governments, businesses, and investors to support job-creating private sector development through scaling up SMEs in Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia.
A new GSMA Study points to strong subscriber and mobile broadband growth in West Africa and a mobile ecosystem worth more than $50 Billion by 2022
‘What I learned along the way is… …that I am never bigger than anything or anyone around me. That I’m a...
A round-up of recent careers, business and other news from the UK, Africa and around the world.
What’s on in May?Check out our listing of Events and activities The following events are taking place in the UK and overseas in May and June 2018. For further information, please contact the organisers...
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