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Principal Water and Sanitation Engineer
Job Title: Principal Water and Sanitation Engineer
Location: Freetown, Sierra Leone
Company: African Development Bank
Job Summary: Contribute to attainment of national/regional water and sanitation agenda.
Job Description: Within the Regional Development, Integration and Business Delivery Complex (RDVP), the Bank has five (5) Regional Development, Integration and Business Delivery (RDIBD) Directorates, one in each region of Africa: North, South, East, West, and Central. The position is listed in the organization chart of the Regional Development and Service Delivery Platform for West Africa (RDGW) and is located in Abidjan in the RDGW.2 Division, in charge of agriculture, water and sanitation and human development in the West African Regional Department (RDGW). The mission of the RDGW.2 Division is to contribute to the Bank's efforts to reduce poverty and promote sustainable development in regional member countries, including: contributing to the development of national and regional strategies and strengthening sector knowledge; and focusing on the preparation and presentation of projects/programmes for operations identified under the High 5s. In this regard, the RDGW.2 Division works closely with the AHWS Department, which is responsible for coordinating the Bank's activities in the water and sanitation sector, to strengthen synergies and contribute to all the High 5s. In addition, to develop integrated projects with a range of impacts on people’s living conditions and on the High 5s in general, the RDGW.2 Division collaborates with the other Bank departments involved in water and sanitation (AHAI, AHHD, AHGC, etc.). THE POSITION: The position of Principal Water and Sanitation Engineer has the following objectives: Contribute to attainment of national/regional water and sanitation agenda and related objectives of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including ensuring universal access to water and sanitation and improving water quality to enhance the quality of life for the people; Liaise with stakeholders in the RMCs, work closely with regional platforms and other complexes dealing with water issues, while contributing to the appropriate management of technical knowledge and guidance on affordable water supply services and sanitation technologies and approaches; Provide assistance to RMCs in understanding and applying Bank Group’s operational procedures relating to loan administration, and procurement of goods and services. Develop and manage the RDGW.2 Division's portfolio in the sub-region in accordance with the Bank's policy by identifying projects and consulting with governments, the various stakeholders in RMCs and other Technical and Financial Partners (TFPs).
Requirements: At least a Master's or equivalent degree in Civil Engineering, Water Supply, Sanitation, or related discipline. Knowledge of project management is an asset for the position; Minimum 6 years of proven and relevant professional experience in monitoring and managing water and sanitation projects, especially in West Africa; Sound knowledge of the activities of other multilateral and bilateral institutions that finance the water and sanitation sector; Sound knowledge of the challenges of the water and sanitation sector, and ability to support RMCs in designing appropriate projects and programmes in the sector; Extensive experience in water and sanitation project development, and technical support for projects; Extensive experience working in a multicultural environment and leading project preparation and appraisal teams in the water and sanitation sector; Ability to communicate and write effectively in French or English, preferably with a working knowledge of the other language; Ability to build and lead motivated and committed teams for project preparation and evaluation; Proficiency in the use of common Microsoft Office Suite applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint etc.); Knowledge of SAP
How to apply: Please apply online: https://www.afdb.org/en/about-us/careers/current-vacancies/principal-water-and-sanitation-engineer-4185
Closing Date: 24/07/2019
Additional information: To apply for this position, you need to be national of one of AfDB member countries.
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