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Director Integrity and Anti-Corruption
Job Title: Director Integrity and Anti-Corruption
Location: Côte d’Ivoire
Company: African Development Bank
Job Summary: Leading the Bank Group’s effort in the detection, investigation and reporting of violations of Bank Group’s standards.
Job Description: The Director, PIAC, is responsible for managing PIAC and ensuring that it fulfills its role of leading the Bank Group’s effort in the detection, investigation and reporting of violations of Bank Group’s standards of institutional integrity, including fraud, corruption and unethical behaviors. The Director will ensure high standards of excellence and will maintain strong partnerships within the Bank Group. The job’s objective is also to ensure confidentiality during the investigation of all allegations of corruption and staff misconduct, and provide Management with independent and objective appraisals. Duties and responsibilities The overall function of this position is to plan, organize and direct the work of the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Department which is responsible for the prevention of fraud and corruption and investigation on alleged staff misconduct, and Bank’s Group financed projects and operations, including procurement. This involves the following specific duties: 1. Manage the staff of the Department: determine the necessary human and professional requirements of the department; develop and maintain a qualified group of staff and an organizational structure that provides for the efficient and effective prevention and investigation of all of the Bank's internal programs and activities; ensure coordination of activities and cooperation between divisions; promote teamwork within the department; and ensure that the work is accomplished in the most cost and time efficient manner; review and approve annual performance evaluation and counsel staff on performance, training and career development issue and make recommendations on reward and disciplinary actions as necessary; resolve serious employee complaints; write/review departmental position descriptions to ensure that they are current and that they reflect the work required by the organization. 2. Establishing and promoting PIAC’s vision, goals, development strategies, accountability standards and key result areas (KRAs) in support of the Bank Group’s objectives, in compliance with the established policies and to ensure that its own funds and funds entrusted to it are used for their intended purposes. 3. Planning, developing and building up effective operations for PIAC and establishing performance and accountability guidelines that ensure consistency in decision-making. 4. Implementing best international practices for the detection, investigation and prevention of staff misconduct, fraud and corruption. To that end, develop procedures governing the investigation process and the application of sanctions and other remedies to be applied as a result of investigative findings. 5. Developing corporate strategies in cooperation with relevant Bank Group units, such as CHRM, the Ethics Office, the Legal Department, the Corporate Services Vice Presidency, Operations Policy Department, Quality and Results Department and the Procurement and Fiduciary Services Department and Bank’s Regional Hubs and country offices for the prevention, detection and deterrence of staff misconduct, fraud and corruption within the context of the Bank Group’s overall governance and anticorruption strategies, including raising awareness of the deleterious effects of fraud and corruption in the Bank’s operations. 6. Directing outreach programs, training and dissemination of lessons learned from investigative results to Bank Group staff, Bank Group clients and other relevant external parties. 7. Recruiting, training, mentoring, coaching and providing overall management of a multi-faceted team consistent with PIAC’s business requirements.
Requirements: Minimum of a Master’s degree or its university equivalent in law, forensic accounting, criminal justice and investigation, criminology or related disciplines. Litigation experience; Admission to the Bar (or equivalent) in at least one jurisdiction is a pre-requisite. Experience in Law enforcement is also an advantage 2. Demonstrated track record of a minimum of ten (10) years of extensive and progressive experience in the anti-corruption and/or governance arena and in delivering best practice forensic investigative and preventive services in large, complex organizations with significant activity in Africa, including governmental entities in the same areas, 7 years of which must be at a managerial level. 3. High level of integrity, moral values, and be widely respected and regarded for his/her competence and expertise and independence. 4. High level of discretion and confidentiality; 5. Communication 6. Problem solving 7. Team working and relations Technical Competencies: 1. Working knowledge of international standards, policies, and mechanisms to effectively reduce the risk of fraud and corruption and to promote transparency and accountability. 2. Comprehensive knowledge of investigative practices, procedures and principles. 3. Understanding of forensic techniques, specifically in areas related to financial, procurement and operational fraud. 4. Strong talent management skills. 5. Strong analytical skills, decisive decision making and an ability to conceive, formulate, and implement policies and programs; 6. Strategic mindset; strong capacity to analyze actions from the perspectives of stakeholders and translate strategic thinking into compelling plan of action; 7. Ability to build partnerships with a broad range of clients and deliver results that meet the needs and long-term interests of clients within and outside the institution. 8. A good understanding of governance issues and anti-corruption work.
How to apply: Please apply online: www.afdb.org
Closing Date: 15/08/2018
Additional information: The Integrity and Anti-Corruption Department (PIAC) reports to the President and, as appropriate, to the Board of Directors. It has the overriding mandate to undertake unhindered investigations into allegations of corruption, fraud and misconduct or suspicions thereof. It investigates allegations of misconduct by Bank Staff, as well as allegations of fraud and corruption and sanctionable practices in activities, programs and projects financed by the Bank Group. In undertaking investigations, PIAC shall maintain the highest standards of professional proficiency and integrity. PIAC also develops preventive measures to proactively reduce the potential for misconduct, fraud or corruption within Bank Group operations.
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