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Experts, the Independent Review Mechanism
Job Title: Experts, the Independent Review Mechanism
Location: Côte d’Ivoire
Company: African Development Bank
Job Summary: Undertaking compliance reviews as may be authorized by the Boards of Directors or the President.
Job Description: The Independent Review Mechanism (IRM) was established by the Boards of Directors of the African Development Bank Group in 2004 and become effective in 2006. The mandate of the IRM is to respond to complaints of people who are or are likely to be adversely affected by a Bank financed project due to non-compliance with the Bank Group policies and procedures. The mechanism handles complaints through problem solving and/or compliance review. Also, for purposes of enhancing learning, the IRM provides advisory services to the Bank. It is administered by the Compliance Review and Mediation Unit (BCRM) headed by a Director, assisted by professional and support staff. The IRM has a Roster of Experts comprising three (3) individuals who undertake compliance reviews. Each of them serves a fixed term of 5 years. The Experts are appointed by the Boards of Directors upon the recommendation of the President. They work on part time basis, and sit in Independent Compliance Review Panels authorized by the Bank Group’s Boards of Directors or the President, depending on the status of the project. The Panels report their findings and recommendations to the Boards of Directors for projects approved by the Boards and to the President for projects under consideration for financing by the Bank Group. Interested applicants can find more information about the IRM Operating Rules and Procedures in the following website: https://www.afdb.org/en/independent-review-mechanism/institutional-documents/irm-resolution-and-operating-rules-and-procedures/ Applications are invited from individual experts/consultants for the position of a member of the Roster of Experts of the IRM. The Role of the Experts: The specific responsibilities of the members of the Roster of Experts include: Determining, together with the Director of BCRM, eligibility of request(s) for compliance review and submitting a report recommending a compliance review to the Boards of Directors or the President, as the case may be, for approval; Undertaking, as members of compliance review panels, compliance reviews as may be authorized by the Boards of Directors or the President; Engaging with all stakeholders, including Bank Management and staff, complainants, executing agencies, governments or private project sponsors in obtaining a thorough understanding of the issues of a project undergoing a compliance review; Conducting extensive, objective and independent reviews of policies and procedural compliance; Undertaking site visits as appropriate to projects complained about, including rural areas in Africa; Preparing and issuing compliance review reports and spot-check advisory review of project compliance reports with findings and recommendations to the Boards of Directors; and Cooperating with the Director of BCRM in the preparation of IRM’s annual reports, which shall, among other information include a discussion on identifiable trends relating to the activities of the Bank Group that have emerged from the problem-solving exercises and compliance reviews.
Requirements: Excellent analytical skills and relevant track record of work, and demonstrated integrity and ability to act independently; Relevant, solid and broad academic background (minimum a Master Degree, preferably PhD) with practical experience in development, particularly in environment, social, involuntary resettlement, economics, human rights, and legal issues in the public and/or private sector fields; At least ten (10) years of experience in the field of policy review and/or project planning and implementation, including the ability to deal thoroughly and fairly with complex issues complained about; Highly developed interpersonal and communication skills to facilitate effective interaction internally with the Bank Management and staff and the Boards of Directors, and externally with people adversely affected by projects funded by the Bank Group, borrowers, member states, other international institutions, and civil society organizations; Outstanding team work skills; Excellent command of both oral and written of one of the Bank’s official languages (English and French) and a good working knowledge of the other; Ability and willingness to travel to countries in Africa, including remote areas; Good knowledge of and exposure to development issues and living conditions in developing countries, particularly in Africa; and Good knowledge of and/or experience with the operations of multilateral development banks or international financing institutions.
How to apply: Interested experts/consultants shall send an application for becoming a member of the Roster of Experts along with a CV providing details of education and relevant experienc Applications shall be marked: “Roster of Experts for the Independent Review Mechanism”. Application supported by a CV must be submitted online by no later than 09 March 2018 through the following website: http://www.afdb.org/en/careers/. An Evaluation Committee will be established to examine the applications. Only short listed candidates will be called for interviews by the said Committee. The Experts will be appointed by the Boards of Directors of the African Development Bank Group upon the recommendation of the President. Upon appointment by the Boards of Directors, the African Development Bank will offer the Expert a contract specifying the remuneration, other benefits and duties regulating the appointment.
Closing Date: 14/03/2018
Additional information: To be eligible, the Expert shall: Be a national of a member state of the African Development Bank or a state participant in the African Development Fund. Not have worked for any of the African Development Bank Group institutions in any capacity prior to his or her appointment to the Roster of Experts. The selection process for the Roster of Experts will take into consideration diversity of expertise, practical experience, nationality, linguistics and gender. Women and candidates from regional member countries of the Bank Group are encouraged to apply.
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