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Dear Career Coach, I’ve landed my dream job which I will be starting shortly. This is a much bigger role than I was doing before and I’m very keen to start off on the right foot and justify my hiring. What’s your advice?

Congratulations on landing your dream position! Transitioning into a new job role can be enormously exciting but also quite intimidating, particularly if the position is more senior than your last. Nevertheless, a bit of preparation and planning will help you get off to a good start.

Once you’ve signed on the dotted line and before you start:
  • Notify recruiters and contacts so they know you have landed a new role and can stop approaching you
  • Consider whether you can contribute to the announcement of your new role and use the opportunity to maximise your personal branding to your profession and industry
When you start:
  • Set up an onboarding schedule to understand the cultural norms and styles of the company and the differences in your style and the company’s culture
  • Develop an ‘entry strategy’. Work on how you’ll get more of the critical information you need about the organisation and the people.
  • Be clear on the responsibilities and expectations of your new job and work with your boss to identify the key issues you are likely to face at the start
  • Focus on early impact projects to show your value but keep a good balance between early impact and longer-term projects
  • Understand your stakeholders to ensure your success – they will include your manager, peers and direct reports
  • Understand what business priorities are expected and agree on what success will look like and how it will be measured.
As you settle into your new job:
  • Continue building and maintaining your network via LinkedIn and keep your network close and active in a disciplined way
  • Identify and build alliances and relationships and understand what is important to individuals or teams in the company.
  • Stay aware of what's happening in the market, refine where you want your career to go and occasionally embark on a healthy self-assessment.
  • Continue to communicate your value, successes and strengths to maintain your credibility in the market
And finally, …

However great your new job, keep your CV up-to-date!
Best of luck!

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