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ReConnect Africa is a unique website and online magazine for the African professional in the Diaspora. Packed with essential information about careers, business and jobs, ReConnect Africa keeps you connected to the best of Africa.


Being in the ‘business’ of Africa can generate frustration, exhaustion and constant repetition. But every once in a while you are reminded why it matters.

In 2006 we launched the first issue of ReConnect Africa magazine, along with a website that we hoped would become the ‘go to’ place for professionals of African origin overseas.

In my Editorial on our 5th Year Anniversary issue, I wrote the following:

“ReConnect Africa was a personal response to a number of issues that I, along with many other Africans living abroad, have to contend with.

One such issue was the lack of balanced coverage of Africa and a tendency in the mainstream Western news media to portray a continent that looked nothing like the one I knew. It was a source of incredulity to me that after years of cheap travel, the widespread use of the internet - not to mention a multiplicity of news media - that the tired old image of Africa as a graft ridden, famine stricken and disease infected hell-hole was still doing the rounds.

Even leaving aside the cynical motives of those who sought to portray Africa in this way as a means of raising funds and sustaining an industry of aid and alms, too many people seemed to be programmed to see the African continent as offering absolutely no good news; no buildings made out of anything but mud, no schools that came with windows and doors and no food that wasn’t being airlifted out by the West to starving villagers.

With no evidence on Western televisions of African cities, industry and commerce, with no profiles in magazines of the achievements – or even existence - of middle-class Africans, and no sense of what normal, everyday life is like for millions of people across the continent, a successful African was fast becoming seen as a rare exception to the norm.

To borrow the signature phrase of the late African activist, Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem ‘Don’t agonise, organise!’ The answer to this imbalance was that, rather than expecting others to change their tune, it was time for us to write a new song.

Rather than expecting others to change their tune, it was time for us to write a new song.

Showcasing Africa’s Professionals

Another issue that came to the fore in putting together ReConnect Africa was the lack of mainstream visibility for professionals of African origin.

While the world could not ignore Kofi Annan and gave due deference to Madiba, it seemed that, apart from the high profile names in sports and entertainment, our brothers and sisters of African origin who were quietly excelling in their own worlds received little recognition.

Promoting role models for young people of African origin growing up outside Africa was a tough sell; an absurdity, given the multiplicity of talented professionals making an impact in business and across sectors including finance, ICT, oil and gas, medicine and education, to name a few. Showcasing the successful professionals from our community and sharing the stories of their challenges and triumphs became an essential part of our mission with ReConnect Africa.

Making the Business Case for Africa

Another imperative for us was making the case for investing in Africa – not only to non-Africans but, most importantly, to Africans in the Diaspora subjected to the same negative stories about the lack of opportunity in their continent of origin.

Returning Skills and Progressing Careers

But perhaps the biggest issue for me personally was the need to bring together opportunity and talent; the opportunities that abound within Africa and the wealth of talent that lives outside and within the continent.

The impact of Africa’s brain drain on the continent can never really be overstated and being part of a movement that is helping to reverse this situation has been deeply rewarding. Over the years we have provided a platform for companies and organisations in Africa to talk about what they do and the skills they need to keep on doing it. Through interviews, case studies and opinion pieces, we have shown the challenges inherent in returning home but also celebrated the benefits that these sought-after skills in the Diaspora can bring, both to the countries involved and to the individuals returning.”

When you have a hand in building a collective sense of self-esteem… that’s when you know it matters.

Now, it’s been 10 years. Since our launch in 2016, we have worked with numerous organisations from private, public and non-governmental sectors to identify and recruit African talent overseas and within the continent and advertised hundreds of job vacancies.

The focus of ReConnect Africa has always been on Africans in the Diaspora and through the advice and tips provided by our expert career coaches, leadership and management gurus, we have brought invaluable information to those seeking to progress their careers in their countries of residence around the world.The ReConnect Africa Library of Articles contains a wealth of information that includes hundreds of articles and features.

Our News Round articles have highlighted well over 5,000 snippets of business and investment news of relevance and interest to African professionals around the world. News about business growth and successes, mergers and other opportunities has given readers a flavour of the enormous possibilities Africa offers for those who take the time to look.

Through our Events/Dates for your Diary listings, we have publicised and partnered with over 3,000 conferences, forums, networking and other events covering business, investment, the Diaspora, music and the arts.

Because It’s Worth It

Being in the ‘business’ of Africa can generate frustration, exhaustion and ceaseless repetition. It requires constantly explaining the history of your country and your continent; clarifying the lazy stereotypes; criticising what is wrong and defending what is right about Africa; shining a light on what people don’t know; teaching what you thought people already should know.

But every once in a while you are reminded why it matters. When you share a story of courage, innovation and ingenuity and see how it inspires others; when you see your words used to illustrate what is good about the African continent; when you hear feedback that tells you that someone is engaged in critical thinking because of something you wrote; when you have a hand in building a collective sense of self-esteem; when you are able to highlight and support a project or initiative that makes a difference to real people living in difficult circumstances; that’s when you know it matters.

So, as we celebrate ten years, we look ahead to how we can continue to inform, inspire and engage with you, our readers, to keep you connected to the best of and the best from Africa.

Thank you for continuing to click onto ReConnectAfrica.com and for reading and forwarding our newsletters and articles. Please keep your submissions coming and let’s continue with this business of Africa. We’ve come a long way but we still have work to do.


Author of the novel ‘ From Pasta to Pigfoot’ http://www.amazon.co.uk/Pasta-Pigfoot-Frances-Mensah-Williams/dp/1909762202and ‘From Pasta to Pigfoot: Second Helpings’ https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pasta-Pigfoot-Second-Helpings/dp/190976227X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1464006373&sr=1-1 and the books I Want to Work in… Africa: How to Move Your Career to the World’s Most Exciting Continent’ (www.IWanttoWorkinAfrica.com) and ‘Everyday Heroes – Learning from the Careers of Successful Black Professionals’.

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