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Dear Career Coach,I am setting up a business and I really believe in my product but I need ideas about how to make sure that it sells.

Dear Career Coach

I am setting up a business and my biggest concern is how to stand out when so many businesses out there are fighting to get customers? I really believe in my product, but I need ideas about how to make sure that it sells.

The digital age has led to an explosion in entrepreneurship and innovative ways of delivering products and services, many of which are successfully disrupting existing business norms.

Standing out in a crowded marketplace means knowing your product or service well. It also requires you to be able to clearly define its unique selling points (USPs) – that is to say, the features or characteristics that set your product or service apart. Once you have identified your USPs, you can use these to help you position your product and steer the way you approach your marketing and advertising. Being clear about what makes your product special will enable you to use this information to attract customers.

Are you offering something that is completely new in the market place? If so, that will be its own USP – there simply isn’t anything else like this out there! If not, how does what you offer differentiate itself from the market? there are a number of ways that you can define the USPs of your business, including the following:

  • Price: Is your product priced to be the cheapest, most expensive or best value compared to its competitors?Price: Is your product priced to be the cheapest, most expensive or best value compared to its competitors?
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  • Service: Are you offering or can you offer excellent service to your customers, both in terms of speed and quality of service and after-sales service? This is one approach that you can use to make your product stand out.
  • Quality: Can you differentiate your product as a high-quality product so that you can charge more for that guarantee of quality?
  • Variety/Range: Can you offer a wider variety or range of your product or customise it for customers so that it is seen as unique?
  • Awards: Enter your product into relevant industry award competitions and use any awards it wins to boost your product in the market.
  • Guarantees: Offer guarantees (durability for a period or a free replacement/speed of delivery or a free gift) to demonstrate your belief in your product and to encourage people to see it as a risk-free proposition.

With so many people moving into self-employment, knowing how to market your business will be critical if you want to succeed.

All the best!

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