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‘..Dark Continent, failed states, corrupt, famine-ridden, war-torn, politically unstable, high investment risk, scar on the conscience of the world…’ the litany of negative labels ascribed to Africa seems never-ending.  As a brand, Africa’s position in the global market could hardly be poorer.  The continent receives only 1% of the world’s foreign direct investment and has the unenviable ranking as the only continent whose citizens have grown poorer over the last generation. 

Africa’s branding in the global market place causes many of its own citizens to consider it a poor risk, evidenced by capital flight from Africa estimated at over US$148 billion since the end of colonisation.  The large number of Africans in the Diaspora is testimony that, for many, Brand Africa today does not encourage the investment of their businesses, their funds, their children or their futures.

Re-branding Africa is a challenge that must be met if the continent is to attract the level of investment it needs to repair its damaged economies and reduce poverty among its people.  Despite abundant natural resources that should offer Africa a natural competitive advantage, poor governance, disease and intellectual and capital flight have all raised the bar.  Transforming Brand Africa demands the efforts of all its citizens – both within and outside the continent – to provide structures, opportunities and safeguards to investment, to aid the process of good governance and the rule of law, to foster a change in attitude towards corruption so as to build on Africa’s enormous potential to position itself as a destination of choice for investment and business – both African and international. 

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