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A land of contrasts, a place of opportunity, a country with a unique story to tell.  12 years on from its transition to democracy, South Africa today is a beacon of enterprise, a hub of energy and a power house of influence across the African continent.

While there is no doubting South Africa’s considerable challenges - from tackling its skills crisis, its crime figures and the scourge of HIV/AIDS - the talent, drive and leadership that it offers to Africa should not be underestimated.  During my recent return to the country what struck me, above everything, is the boundless potential South Africa offers. Archbishop Tutu’s rainbow nation is indeed alive with possibility.

In this special issue of ReConnect Africa, we turn the spotlight onto South Africa and the opportunities it offers for Africa’s business and professional community.  We report on the recent 50th Anniversary Convention of the South Africa Institute of People Management and, in this and future issues, we will be bringing you a flavour of some of the inspirational and thought-provoking presentations made during the event.  Our own presentation on the issue of retaining professional talent in Africa raised some pertinent questions on how companies in Africa can stem the exodus of skilled staff and attract African talent from around the globe

The role of entrepreneurs in building the new South Africa was nowhere more evident to me than in my meeting with Stephen Larkin of Acqumine, whose incredible energy and intellect is an inspiration to anyone who believes in making things happen.  We also bring you contributions from two eminent South Africans, the IMC’s John Battersbyand Human Resources expert Elijah Litheko of the IPM.

As the country gears itself up to make (yet) more history by hosting the Fifa World Cup in 2010, we share the speech given by President Thabo Mbeki and his call to South Africans everywhere for support. Finally we report on the Homecoming Revolution’s Woza Ekhaya! careers event in London, which we were proud to participate in, and which showcased the rich South African talent in the UK.

The final word goes to Ms. Patti Boulaye, the charismatic and tireless entertainer and artist, who shares the life lessons she has learned along the way.

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