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ReConnect Africa is a unique website and online magazine for the African professional in the Diaspora. Packed with essential information about careers, business and jobs, ReConnect Africa keeps you connected to the best of Africa.

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Why ReConnect Africa? From our work with companies and individuals, it was increasingly clear that there were few platforms that enabled progressive organisations to engage with African talent within Africa and around the world. When we asked the question ‘Instead of navigating numerous websites, is there one place African professionals can go when they are looking for information about employment, enterprise and business opportunities?’ we found no answer. When we researched how businesses operating in Africa aim to attract skilled professionals from the African Diaspora, we recognised that distance and diversity has created a disconnect between African communities, both within national borders and between continents, making the need for a common and accessible platform of communication critical.

What was also clear to us was that marketing opportunities in Africa meant re-branding perceptions; taking the focus from the negative media and demeaning labels often ascribed to Africans and presenting the other face of Africa; a continent that has produced an enormous pool of talented, successful and inspiring leaders and role models, wherever they may live.

One year after the launch of ReConnect Africa, we are proud to say that we have started to make a difference in our mission to bring together opportunity and talent.

Bringing together Opportunity and Talent

Over the past year

  • Our readership has grown to a subscriber base of almost 4,000 people in Europe, Africa and other parts of the world who receive our twice-monthly newsletters.
  • We have published over 150 articles, interviews and business news pieces over the past year and increased our links with professional associations, careers services, alumni sites, national websites, business networks and employers both in Europe and in Africa.
  • We have supported leading companies with advertising job vacancies in Africa, the USA, the UK and the rest of Europe.
  • We have provided careers coaching advice to numerous African professionals and actively assisted individuals to identify and enter new jobs.
  • ReConnect Africa receives over 5,000 hits per day and is highly placed on Google searches.
  • ReConnect Africa has received media coverage in the UK and across other Africa Diaspora media and we publish a linked careers column in the new Africa Diaspora magazine, Positive People.

Thank you to all our clients, contributors, subscribers and friends. Please continue to support us by forwarding ReConnect Africa to your friends and contacts and spreading the word!

In this Issue

For this month’s anniversary issue, we asked some of our clients and subscribers for their feedback on ReConnect Africa and we publish their replies in ‘Letters to the Editor’. We speak to Professor Franklyn Manu of the African Association of Business Schools about his organisation’s mission to raise the standards of the continent’s business schools. A new documentary, ‘A Homecoming for Jobs in Africa’, offers a powerful testimony of how Africans in the Diaspora are working in partnership with entrepreneurs in Africa to tackle poverty and to create jobs in Sierra Leone. Job fairs are becoming an increasingly popular way to connect people to potential employers and leading coach Peter Cobbe shares some helpful tips on making the most of them.

Catherine Carthy explores the concept of emotional intelligence and the critical part it plays in effective leadership while Vince Owen reflects on the transition of the Human Resources function in organisations. If you have difficulty negotiating a pay rise, Helen Dupigny has some words of advice on how to approach this thorny subject. The inspirational Ola Fagbohun shares her lessons learned in this month’s ‘5 Minute Interview’ and look out for the many events and activities taking place in May

Enjoy this anniversary issue of ReConnect Africa - and don’t forget to write in and share your comments on these articles.


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