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A recent survey in the UK has highlighted epidemic levels of stress in the country. 50% of the respondents said they are more stressed than five years ago, with one in five saying they are under strain every day.

Another recent study* commissioned by the UK Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) and the Health and Safety Executive revealed that Human Resources and line managers can reduce stress at work by taking simple steps to improve management practice. The study identified 19 competencies that emerged from nearly 400 interviews with employees and their managers. According to the staff who responded, the most important actions that their managers could take to reduce stress were monitoring and managing workloads (77%), listening to and consulting their team (68%), keeping staff informed about what was happening (63%) and showing consideration for individuals and their personal lives (61%).

The effects of stress has been estimated to cost the UK economy £10 billion a year, a cost few businesses can afford. To prevent stress from killing your business, the report recommends extra training for managers in the areas outlined above. Other key behaviours for managers identified by the report include being accessible, giving feedback, managing conflict and keeping emotions in check.

Line managers with the people management skills outlined above are more likely to lead teams that perform well and that operate under less stress. Healthy employees are far more prone to be happy employees and, as a result, productive employees.

In this Issue

In this issue of ReConnect Africa, Health Psychologist Dr. Rosemary Anderson explores the subject of stress and examines how negative stress can affect business performance. We speak exclusively to Kekeli Gadzekpo, Executive Vice-Chairman of Databank Group, about the phenomenal success of Databank and opportunities in Ghana. Wendy Luhabe states the case for propaganda in portraying Africa and Charles Nqakula outlines the steps the South African Government is taking to secure investment and reduce crime in the country. The changing role of Human Resources management is the subject of a forthcoming conference and Janine Nieuwoudt looks ahead to the issues facing the HR function as it moves towards a strategic role within business. Preparations are underway for the fourth Lake of Stars Festival and we bring details of a trip of a lifetime. The last word goes to the indefatigable Bola Olabisi, founder of the Global Women Inventors and Innovators Awards and champion of enterprising women everywhere.

We hope you enjoy this issue of ReConnect Africa - and don’t forget to write in and share your comments on these articles.


* Management Competencies for Preventing and Reducing Stress at Work

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