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January is the month where we traditionally make – and break – New Year’s resolutions. But when it comes to deciding how we want to spend 40 plus hours a week, can we really afford another broken promise?

A recent survey by Kingston Business School and Ipsos MORI of employee attitudes and levels of engagement of 2,000 employees in Great Britain, revealed that almost half of all those questioned are either looking for another job or in the process of leaving.*

Only 3 in 10 Employees are Engaged with their Work

The survey, which was commissioned by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), measured how much ‘passion’ employees feel about their work and their performance. Only 3 in 10 employees are engaged with their work, with a significantly higher percentage of disengagement among the under 35’s, and more than a quarter of employees saying that they rarely or never look forward to coming to work.

People need to feel that their work matters in order to stay with an organisation and while not everyone is fortunate enough to get paid for doing what they love, employers can improve employee engagement though better internal communications, implementing fair and equitable practices and offering employees a better work/life balance. Without this, too many employers may find that the one New Year resolution their employees keep this year is to find a new job.

New Look ReConnect Africa

Welcome to our new look ReConnect Africa. In this issue, we report on the business process outsourcing and offshoring sector and how South Africa is leveraging the advantages of its infrastructure and growing economy to attract significant investment in this sector.

While Ghana will shortly celebrate the 50th anniversary of its independence, some of its institutions are in desperate need of a facelift. We speak to an alumnus of Achimota School about a new campaign that aims to restore the school to its previous glory. ReConnect Africa’s resident career coach, Helen Dupigny, recently celebrated 10 years of business success and we report on the Awards Tribute evening held to recognize those who are striving towards their career goals.

Echoing the theme of employee engagement, leadership expert Paul Bridle reflects on how companies need to adapt to the changes that technology is bringing to the workplace. If you are a recruiter, Vince Owen’s tips on reducing the risks in hiring should offer some useful advice, while Margaret White shares some insights on how graphology can assist the recruitment process.

My interview with the delightful Patti Boulaye is proof that some successful Africans choose not to forget their roots and also equate their success with a responsibility to give something back. We hope our readers will lend their support to Patti’s Support for Africa programme.

Finally, we speak to another inspiring celebrity, Tessa Sanderson, about the influences and motivation that led her to win an Olympic Gold Medal.

I hope you enjoy the new look ReConnect Africa – write back and let us know what you think!.


* ‘How Engaged are British Employees?’ Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (www.cipd.co.uk)

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