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On March 6th 2007, the first sub-Saharan African country to gain its independence from colonial rule celebrates a momentous milestone.

Ghana’s story over the last half century has been one of both despair and tremendous hope. From its earliest days of independence, through the charismatic leadership of Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, the country led the struggle for a unified Africa and for the economic independence that would make a reality of Africa’s political independence. Over the last 50 years, Ghana has faced her own problems; successive military coups, leaders of questionable integrity, economic catastrophes and civilian unrest. Yet, the country has weathered these obstacles and is taking positive strides forward.

Today Ghana’s economic policies have seen a reduction of over 40% in its debt stock; Ghana’s economy continues to experience macro economic stability with rising GDP growth, diminishing inflationary expectations and a stable currency. The 25 African states that have signed up to the Africa Peer Review Mechanism have commended Ghana’s efforts as one that reflects a success story from Africa. In the World Bank Study, Doing Business in 2006, Ghana was the 9th easiest place to do business in Africa and in West Africa, Ghana ranks number 1 as the easiest place to do business. In its 50th year of nationhood, as the new Chair of the Africa Union, Ghana is once again taking the lead to forge a united Africa. May she continue to prosper.

In this issue of ReConnect Africa, we focus on Ghana and highlight the achievements of Ghanaians at home and around the world. My father, personal mentor and lifelong inspiration, H.E. Judge Thomas Mensah, Ghana’s foremost maritime and environmental law expert, shares his life lessons in the ‘5 Minute Interview’. Tina Boadi highlights the events taking place to celebrate Ghana’s 50th independence anniversary and we speak to Ghanaian Fred Swaniker about his mission to develop Africa’s future leaders. The Ghanaian Diaspora is a powerful economic force for Ghana’s development and we look at a new website launched to assist the inflow of remittances into Ghana. The social contribution made by Ghanaians outside the country is highlighted by the work of the Star 100 network group and the Centre for Community Development Initiatives, while playwright and essayist Paul Boakye shares his memories of his return trip to Ghana. Helen Dupigny offers some advice on careers in Senegal and for those of you considering a career change, Beth Harvey has some useful tips. March is a busy month and our ‘Dates for your Diary’ will give you information about some of the events taking place.

Enjoy this issue of ReConnect Africa - and don’t forget to write in and share your comments on these articles.


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