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ReConnect Africa is a unique website and online magazine for the African professional in the Diaspora. Packed with essential information about careers, business and jobs, ReConnect Africa keeps you connected to the best of Africa.

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What our readers said.....


Periodic. Punctual. Packed. Prolific. Punchy. Priceless.


Chukwu-Emeka Chikezie, Sierra Leone


As a regular reader of your monthly magazine, no other electronic magazine/publication gives me better insight into what is going on back in Africa and on events happening overseas aimed at adding value to the continent. Reconnect Africa has been and continues to be a valuable resource for me on how to better take advantage of the opportunities back in Africa through its useful case studies and articles.


Olugbenga Ogunbode, TIEC


ReConnect Africa is not only a great magazine and resource but a vital platform that has helped us to identify excellent staff for our Africa operations. Congratulations on maintaining such a high quality publication and website over the years.


Terhas Berhe, Brand Communications Ltd.


ReConnect Africa has been a great resource for us at AFFORD in various ways. We have been able to reach out to interested parties through ReConnect regarding our events and programmes and this has been done through interviews, articles and the events calendar. Also the site has helped us find partners and gain important information and insight from the stories and contributions made on the site. ReConnect is an important resource and an enjoyable medium for keeping abreast of what is going on in the Global African business world. So AFFORD would like to say thank you for your last five years and we look forward to working with you and being supported by you for many many more years to come! Happy Anniversary!


Elvina Quaison, African Foundation for Development (AFFORD)


I would like to congratulate you on the 5th anniversary of Reconnect Africa - a wonderful achievement. Just like fine wine, I believe that Reconnect Africa has matured tremendously and is now a superb niche player serving all those with a true desire to get involved with, understand and contribute to Africa's continued growth and development. I would summarise Reconnect Africa's offering as providing a view of the economic, developmental, social and lifestyle aspects pertaining to Africa through "African-tinted glasses", and that is what makes it unique. We see the REAL Africa through Reconnect Africa. I salute your efforts through these 5 years, as I know that it has been challenging at times, but rest assured that your baby (Reconnect Africa) has grown up to now have significant impact and influence in providing a true picture of Africa. Very well done - and.......................CONTINUE.


Kwesi Korsah, London


Over the years, ReConnect Africa, as the name suggests, has become an important tool for reconnecting professional Africans in the diaspora with businesses, especially in Africa, who are looking for an injection of new skills and is also an important resource for HR and Recruitment professionals in generayl. The response rate of vacancies which we have advertised on your site have always yielded a good response and your ‘Immigration’ section is extremely useful, especially for ‘returnees’ who have been out of their home countries for a long time, providing useful tips to help them understand the conundrum of living and working in Africa. My personal favourite section is the Editorial, which always provides me with plenty food for thought! As you celebrate this important milestone of your 5th anniversary, here’s wishing you more success in the years ahead and look forward to celebrating your 25th anniversary. Congratulations to the entire team at ReConnect Africa.


Audrey Mensah, Senior Executive Recruiter


It is the only newsletter that has regularly and consistently landed in my inbox month in month out. When I lived in Ghana, I felt better informed by RA than by any of the local media. Through the Business round up / News Round, It kept me up to date with what was happening in and around the Continent and I could work out how this would impact on Ghana. As a producer of a bimonthly missive myself at the time centred around bilateral business relations, it struck me how accessible the format was. I still enjoy the 5 minute interviews and career coaching segments. Moving back to the UK meant that I could look at RA from a different perspective and recommend it onwards to many others who also wanted to make the transition back to their homes – childhood or adopted. To sum up, RA has been cerebral, innovative and excellent, always. We look forward to another 5 years.


Aby Ampomah, London


Congratulations, ReConnect Africa, on the occasion of your 5th Anniversary! Each monthly issue of ReConnect Africa has shown progressive growth, in both content and format, of this increasingly popular online magazine whose fifth anniversary we celebrate this year. The graphics have added a great amount of reality to the brilliant articles they accompany and feature articles, like the Five-Minute Interview, have brought much encouragement to readers. ReConnect Africa has provided outstanding and useful information about human resource issues across board; the editorial column in each issue has continued to provide useful insights into current affairs relating to Africa; and the regularity with which the magazine has been published has been very impressive. ReConnect Africa has indeed lived up to its name and Africans in the Diaspora have truly been reconnected on a regular basis. Keep up the good work. Long live ReConnect Africa!


Ernestina Boadi, Botswana


A lot of the purported 'one stop shops' tend to be more distanced from the interested visitor than ReConnect Africa. This site provides an easily accessible, wide range of information and connections that are of immediate use to the site visitors. The site provides an important, professional reference point.


Kwamena Bentsi-Enchill, Qatar


It is in all due respect that we send our congratulations to RECONNECT AFRICA MAGAZINE on its 5th year of publication and we hope that you will have many more! This publication fills a worldwide void that is very much needed now and into the future, for the entire world and, more so, Afrikans in the Diaspora! In the United States it has been very helpful to most, including IPET IPET! We would like to thank the editor, Frances M. Williams and her able staff for the work that they are doing in the RECONNECT AFRICA MAGAZINE. Again CONGRATULATIONS ON THE 5TH YEAR OF PUBLICATION!


Asante Sana/ Hotep and to our Nsamanfo, IPET ISUT AFRIKAN INSTITUTE SOUTH, NORTH, WEST, INT’L, USA


Congratulations for completing five years of publication! What makes ReConnect Africa magazine so valuable today is that it provides linkages between multiple segments of Africa’s population who have access to the Internet. From the business-oriented to the social-motivated, there is something relevant to all of us who find comfort in knowing someone out there really cares about what is important to Africans. Throughout the Continent and the African Diaspora, this upbeat vehicle of expression attracts youthful ambition as well as tempered “vintaged” viewpoints from those who want Africa to move forward! It is my hope that ReConnect Africa continues its efforts to always combine fresh ideas with traditional values that unite Africans, globally. I especially admire the transparent editorials of Frances Williams. Her views are always tempered with an attempt to reconcile many groups that can provide opportunities throughout the Continent. “Kudos” to all who continue to make this electronic magazine available for all. May you continue for many years to come!!!


Sharon Minor King, Ph.D., USA


ReConnect Africa is not just an informative publication that puts you in touch with current world issues, it has a diverse and rich content that caters for all areas (and ages) of one's life. I find it truly inspirational on a career front, when it comes to events, networking and how to improve career and job prospects. It is very exciting to read about news around the world and the positives/ challenges facing Africa today.When it comes to having an update on all current affairs, entertainment, advice, interviews local and internationally this publication hits all the buttons, certainly a conversation starter! And a hub of knowledge and information that increases year on year. Congratulation on its 5th year, may it grow in strength and continue to be an ambassador for the people in the UK and worldwide!


Helen Tucker, UK


As ReConnect Africa magazine celebrates its 5th Year anniversary, I wish to thank the Editor and staff for their commitment to the good of Africa and Africans wherever they are. In these years, the magazine has played a very active role in promoting a positive image of Africa as a place where there are appetizing job opportunities for Africans in the Diaspora. By doing this, ReConnect Africa magazine has played a significant role in enabling Africans in the Diaspora to put their skills and talents at the service of Africa. Congratulations and special thanks for the good work.


Stephen Ogongo, Editor, Africa News, Italy


Interesting, informative, intelligent. That's what ReConnect Africa means to me. It is so easy to read and digest and identify with.


Simi Belo


"ReConnect Africa is upbeat, contemporary and an excellent platform for the dynamic what and the who that move and shake in Africa! It is a great global connector and a "must have" for all who want to have anything positive to do with a great, diverse continent and power house! Congratulations and Many Happy Returns!"


Dr June Bam-Hutchison, London


Hearty Congratulations to ReConnect and its indefatigable Editor Frances Williams on the fifth anniversary of this magnificent initiative whose remarkable characteristics include Originality, Finesse, Reliability, Dependability, and much else. One looks forward every single month to reading ReConnect and learning about the Continental Opportunities available to our hardworking people in the Diaspora. The rapid Success of ReConnect might suggest that it was the product of ‘Decades Of Endeavour’, rather than just 5 years. Any suggestions for future years? Yes, please include information about Diaspora Contributions to our Continental Welfare. To Frances, and your able Team: CONGRATULATIONS. We look forward to more and more scintillating Editorials.


Felix I D Konotey-Ahulu, Dr Kwegyir Aggrey Distinguished Professor of Human Genetics, University of Cape Coast, Ghana and Consultant Physician Genetic Counsellor in Sickle Cell and Other Haemoglobinopathies, London W1G 9PF


Thank you ReConnect Africa for your unrelenting efforts over the years. I've been an avid reader of the magazine since its inception. It has served as one of the key sources of information that help me keep my fingers on the pulse with developments on the continent. As a South African in the diaspora, I also find that ReConnect captures information that I would not have come across via other media outlets that I am connected to for current affairs. My personal favourite though is reading the 'Ask the Career Coach' section. At this point of my career development, it provides me with a lot of guidance from professionals and dispels any fairytale pictures as the advice offered is always reflective of what is happening in the 'real' world as opposed to providing paintbrush academic answers. It is also practical in that it provides answers to the bigger picture in terms of how the experience I gain here abroad can be applied to the context at home when I am ready to relocate. Once again thank you ReConnect and keep the issues coming in.


Rethabiseng, Scotland


"I found Peter Hain MP’s article on renewable energy and Africa’s well placed strategic advantageous position in exploiting future renewable electricity energy generation market very interesting. Such positive information on African is more than welcome as opposed to the usual depressing stories in the popular media about Africa which is characterised by war, diseases and famine. Well done to the Reconnect Editorial team for providing such an effective channel for sharing the information with the outside world".


Sunny Lambe, Executive Director, BBI Ltd., London

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