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Talent Management

A key driver of business profitability is the level of commitment shown by a company’s employees.  Such commitment is largely driven by the leadership skills of managers and the extent to which employees are empowered to take on and to discharge their responsibilities effectively.

While leadership training can be provided, what can prove more problematic is identifying opportunities to put training programmes to the test in their ability to change behaviour and attitudes.

The Case

A leading global financial services company with a strong commitment to the development of its employees is intent on developing and retaining the best of its international expertise and talent, while making a positive difference to the development of its current and future markets.

The company recognises the importance of good leadership to its business and is committed to putting in place strategies that will enable it to foster a professional team of leaders that can inspire new ideas and lead change. 

In assessing how it can reinforce the leadership traits of its managers, the bank has identified the essential competencies required for effective leadership in business and intends to build on these skills through formal training, informal coaching and real scenarios for testing the effectiveness of this investment and ensuring that their future leaders display the cultural awareness, personal skills and leadership to become the bank’s global managers of the future.

In Partnership for Talent

In partnership with Interims for Development, the bank identifies an innovative way to develop its global talent while, at the same time, fulfilling its mission to play an active role in the wider community.  Through a choice of two approaches, the bank’s identified talent will be given a unique opportunity to put the investment in their leadership, management and coaching skills to the test. 

The first option offers an opportunity to undertake an interim assignment that would meet the identified development needs of the employee, while meeting the business needs and objectives of the participating host company.

The employee will be released for an agreed period to undertake the assignment with a company in Africa, with specific objectives set for the project.

The second option enables selected employees to structure a training event within Africa, sponsored by the bank, and to deliver the programme, working with Interims for Development on the technical content and running of the course, as well as the logistics and marketing.


By participating in these programmes, the employee will build self-esteem and confidence, learn effective and appropriate communication skills for a culturally diverse team, gain experience in training, and adapt to the cultural norms and the unspoken rules of a different workplace.  At the conclusion of these assignments, the bank’s talent team will be better placed to lead and manage within its culturally diverse employee base and to ‘think outside the box’ in bringing solutions to the workplace.

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