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Dear Career Coach

My firm is in the middle of an equity merger with a fortune 500 company. As a manager I have realised that I am not in the loop concerning what is going on, while the MD is favouring his 'friends' within the firm. How do I make myself relevant?


Dear Daniel

While no-one would argue that office politics and favouritism are real issues that people face in the workplace, rather than assuming that there is apparent favouritism at work in your case, let me suggest that you first answer some questions honestly.

What are you doing to be informed about what is going on in the firm? Have you made the time and taken the effort to talk to your MD and to other managers and actively enquire about progress with the merger? It may be that, as a manager with a busy job, you have been expecting others to reach out to you when perhaps they are also busy trying to deal with the pressures the merger is placing on their jobs.

Is your frustration about feeling less relevant something that was there before this merger development came about? If so, ask yourself if you are networking internally and building relationships with your MD and with those managers that can help you keep in tune better with developments in the company.

If, as is likely, your MD is being judged on his or her results, your MD will favour those in the firm whom s/he believes will help him succeed. What perception do you think s/he has of you and what are you doing to change this? Consider how well informed you are of the implications of the merger and how your skills and experience and the team you manage can assist in the process and add value. Have you offered some suggestions on the role of your section following the planned merger or are you waiting passively for someone to let you into the game?

You will be in a better position to make yourself relevant if what you contribute and do within the firm is seen as relevant. Take some time to answer these questions and then consider how proactive you could be now to demonstrate your value and become a ‘friend’ to the MD.?

Finally, Daniel, if all fails, it may be time to think about moving your skills and assets to a company that finds you not just relevant but of great value.

All the best!

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