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Experienced Human Resources professional, Ebong Dunstant Alobwede, offers a practical guide on how to search for jobs in Cameroon.

Finding a job can be a very challenging experience, but what will make the difference is how well informed one is in effectively planning and going about this very important exercise. There is a huge gap between classroom learning and the employment market, providing students and graduates with very limited practical information on how to search for jobs in Cameroon.

As an experienced Human Resource professional, with personal experience of navigating the various routes to obtain job in Cameroon, I can share my experience as I have obtained jobs through multiple channels from employee referrals to job boards and recruitment agencies, online job adverts and mainstream media ads, unsolicited applications and via Headhunters and social media.

However, the process of searching for a job begins with a very captivating profile, as first impressions matter. You need to be invited for an interview to stand a chance of obtaining the job and a good curriculum vitae and cover letter (motivation letter) is the passport to being shortlisted for an interview and providing access to the selection process. In order to obtain a professional and marketable profile it may be advisable to seek the services of a professional and experienced CV writer.

After creating a marketable profile, you are now ready for what can be a full-time job; the job of searching for a job. In Cameroon, you can go about searching for a job in the following ways;

  1. Unsolicited applications: This means applying for jobs in companies that have not advertised for open positions. This can best be done by buying the different business address books called ZOOM in Cameroon as they have a list of all major companies, their addresses and contact details. We have the Douala Zoom for companies and businesses in Douala, Yaoundé Zoom for companies and businesses in Yaoundé, and Zoom de region for companies and businesses in all other major towns of Cameroon. You can contact us for information on how to get a copy. Note that many companies do not accept unsolicited applications, while others only receive applications electronically. If you want advice on specific companies and their approach, we are ready to talk with you.
  2. Employee Referrals: Employee referrals has been termed as the only above average method of recruitment and selection, as it comes through personal contacts and networking with individuals that may not want to compromise their position in their organization or their relationships with their professional contacts. As such, they will only refer those they believe truly possess the competencies to meet the deliverables of the job or company. This means being flexible and smart in cultivating a professional network that can be a source of referrals in the future. This can be done through volunteering and participating actively in associations that give you the opportunity to interact with other professionals and to showcase your abilities.
  3. Job Boards: In Cameroon, the only job board is the government’s employments service, the National Employment Fund (NEF). It is very important to register with the National Employment Fund as some employers contact them to recruit new employees. Every region has a National Employment Fund. They have several other value-added services, including the Graduate Employment Program(PED) that supports or partly pays a young graduate trainee in an organization. By encouraging employers to take young graduates, they provide professional training for job seekers by paying the cost of training in their partner training institutions. They also have programs to finance businesses, thereby creating jobs through entrepreneurship.
  4. In Douala, you can find them at Parc des Prince Bali, beside Sonel Koumassi. The Douala branch is the most vibrant as it has the greatest number of employers and job seekers using the services. They also have a free job update magazine in their centres, as well as notice boards carrying job vacancies. Their recruitment counsellors can help with shaping and perfecting a candidate’s profile and marketability.

    You need to be invited for an interview to stand a chance of obtaining the job and a good curriculum vitae and cover letter (motivation letter) is the passport to being shortlisted for an interview and providing access to the selection process.

  5. Employment agencies: These are private companies that supply temporary and permanent manpower to organisations. Their services are increasingly in demand as organisations outsource certain aspects of their operations to reduce costs. They are also seen as having a good database of manpower and can quickly respond to urgent recruitment needs as an integral part of organisation’s resourcing plan. In Cameroon, employment agencies include;
    • ADRH APAVE, only registers online (www.adrh-apave.com)
    • Shooting Star (Douala, Bonanjo , opposite Camairco and beside MRS station)
    • Capital RH (Douala, Bonanjo, Immeuble Ex ONCPB , ground floor)
    • Cible RH (Douala, Immeuble amicable Chine-Cameroun, (www.groupe-cible.com)
    • Emploi Service (email: interim@emploiservicve.com, Douala, Bali, Bonnadibong)
    • Barakat Emploi Services ( www.barakatcameroun.com)
    • Europe Afrique Interim (Akwa Immeuble Socar, Rue de Pasteur Lotin Sama)
    • Others, you can contact us to obtain a full list and full addresses.
  6. Online job adverts and mainstream media: The mainstream media most frequently used to advertise jobs in Cameroon is the national daily, Cameroon Tribune. However, other papers such as The Post and Le Messenger also carry job adverts. There are also slots on TV, such as the CRTV breakfasts show ‘Hello’, that announce job vacancies. Also, the news bar on most TVs including the Canal 2 International and CRTV often advertise jobs
  7. Many organisations such as the American Embassy, Guinness Cameroon, and so on also announce job vacancies on their websites, so it can be helpful to check regularly the sites of those companies that interest you.

    Most importantly today is the use of online job adverting sites, as they do a great job in including jobs advertised on company sites, jobs advertised by recruitment agencies, jobs advertised by mainstream media, etc. In Cameroon today, some recruiters will only advertise their jobs on online job sites as they allow free job posting and a cost-effective way to recruit. The various online job sites include:

Ebong Dunstan Alobwede is an HR and Marketing Professional in Cameroon and can be contacted via: dunbongsony2k@gmail.com and on Tel: 673305767

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