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Image It's time to make your mark at work and mentoring coach Vera Ng'oma spells out the best way to do it.

In the workplace one sometimes gets the impression of a divide between two types of employees; the 'rocks' who are the stable, hardworking people without whom the foundation cracks. And the 'stars', the icing on the cake who can make the organization look good any day and can take it into the future.

The fact is you need to be both. The mnemonic ROCKSTAR shows you how;

Relevance and reliability: Learn the skills required for your job and the wider organization and find opportunities to serve with any broader skills you might have. Deliver expected performance; as in football show exhibit individual brilliance when needed but team playing is what wins the day.

Optimization and organisation: To become someone going places in your organization, you must do more than your job. You must 'have it together', set the example and come across as a leader, a motivator, a skillful front row operator ready and willing to speak up and able to earn the confidence of your peers and others at all levels.

Contribution and connection: Understand the corporate agenda so that you can contribute to it. Know the measures of success and deliver accordingly. Find a way to align your career objectives to the corporate goals. Know your job purpose so that you can produce your part in the performance chain

Knowledge and Keenness: Knowledge and skill go together so master information needed to build your expertise. Learn how to sell benefits, ideas, to develop rapport and to make intelligent 'business' conversation with others. This will help make a good impression for yourself and your organisation.

Significance and soul: Success doesn't come cheap. Be creative, figure things out, present rich insights and look for chances to share your wisdom. Work to develop your influence and your capacity to be listened to. Be enthusiastic, get to the frontlines and move things forward. Avoid situations and environments where you can become obsolete quickly.

Talent and traction: Talent can be latent, make it shine by finding meaning for it wherever you find yourself. Don't box yourself into your grade or your title, let your talent speak. Surround yourself with action-oriented people to make things happen and to amplify your efforts.

Acumen and Ambition: Acumen helps you create something out of nothing, pull things together to provide greater value, identify and pursue priorities rather than 'going with the flow'. Operate with constructive ambition. Trust your intuition, appreciating that not every choice you make will succeed but that taking action is better than second guessing yourself.

Resonance and resilience: When you exhibit resonance, your impact goes beyond the narrow task at hand. Bring a unique and positive personality to what you do. You know when you at your best so find space to play in order to leave a footprint. And when you falter, rise again and contribute to something greater than yourself.

Vera is a communications specialist, a leadership facilitator and mentoring coach with over 12 years experience in communications includes roles in the print media, corporate communications, PR and international communications across public, private and Global organisations. She currently works for the Department of International department in Malawi as Education Adviser. Prior to this she worked with the British Council Malawi as Deputy Director and also had responsibility for leading communications across 8 African countries. Her company LIVEXCELLENCE', a leadership and personal development outfit helps organisations and individuals to effectively apply a 'can-do' spirit, greater leadership literacy and purposeful action to achieve visibility, improve performance and fulfil potential. Vera Ng'oma can be reached verangoma@gmail.com
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