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ImageFor over 25 years, Forever Living Products has been a phenomenal success in the natural healthcare sector. A multi-billion dollar company operating in over 100 countries, FOREVER is the world’s largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera. With over 7 million distributors worldwide, the organisation also continues to generate opportunities for business entrepreneurs across Africa.


Jayne Leach had worked in large farm estate management for 20 years, until the day she realised that in spite of working hard to make someone else a lot of money, she was still financially stretched.

“It was time to look at running my own business,” she says.  “Then a good friend called, talking about a remarkable company called Forever Living Products, a then $639 million (now over $2 billion) worldwide operation trading in the massive health and nutrition market.”

Intrigued and excited about the potential, Jane got happily involved in August 1993 and started to learn the simple business building cycle. “The amazing products quickly helped my son’s long standing skin and respiratory problem, and I was hooked!” she says.  “Within 3 years, I was earning in excess of £110,000 a year, driving a brand new Mercedes, and paying my 2 son’s school fees – life was very good.”

Another 10 years on, Jayne’s business extends into 36 countries worldwide.  Now the owner of a stunning country estate complete with 2 beautiful homes, a further home in the South of France and investment properties, Jayne has also succeed in privately educating her children.

The business that has given Jayne her lifestyle is one that is set to give many Africans the chance to also achieve the same.

Changing Lives

Richard Ingleby is one of the driving forces behind the company’s expansion across Africa.  Travelling across Africa after graduating, Richard abandoned plans to qualify as a lawyer and instead looked for an opportunity to combine his interest in business with his love of the African continent.

“Looking at some of the lifestyle of my friends who, by this time had progressed in their chosen professional careers, I knew that was not for me,” says Richard. “They all seemed to be rushing to work, hardly taking any holidays and not being paid what they were really worth.”

A phone call from a friend about Forever Living products presented Richard with the chance to put his ideas into practice.  “What appealed to me about the opportunity was that I could fit it in and around my job and there was no real monetary investment when compared to traditional businesses or franchise operations. I felt it was worth the time and energy, just in case what they said was true!”

ImageWith little real business experience and even less knowledge about the company’s product range, Richard, who had just moved to London and had few contacts, was relieved to find that the organisation offered all the support he needed.

“I found massive support from the group I was a part of and from the couple who introduced me. They took the time and showed patience, in teaching me the basics of what we do. They helped to raise my confidence levels.”

Richard managed to build a business around his job to a sufficient level of success that enabled him to leave his employment after just 10 months. It was not always plain sailing, as he admits.  “Sure there were ‘ups’ and ‘downs.’ Sure, it required work and effort, but anything worth doing requires effort doesn’t it?”

Now five years on, Richard has built a business that spans around the world, giving him an income from over 12 countries, many of them in Africa where he has supported the growth and development of Forever Living entrepreneurs like himself.  

While his success has afforded him the chance to own a luxury apartment in London, Richard stresses that what he loves about his job is the freedom it gives him to structure his life as he chooses.

“What is most important is the flexibility it gives for travel. I am now in the process of moving to Africa, a continent I fell in love with, and will be splitting my time between living in London and in South Africa,” he says.  “I also love the fact that I work with many from the African community in the UK, helping them gain the financial independence they require in addition to helping them support their extended family back home along the way.”

Building Success across Africa

Forever Living Products has built the largest distribution centre outside of America in Africa, and this where the company sees its biggest growth happening. “We have already made a huge difference to many people’s lifestyles across Africa, both in terms of health and wealth,” says Richard. “Millionaires will be made in Africa through what we do and many others will achieve the financial independence they require that would not have been possible without such an opportunity.”

{mosimage}Doctors Maria and Clement Idigo live very busy lives. They have a large medical clinic in Nigeria, as well as running a thriving school. You would think that with their commitment to these two projects, they would already have enough to do.

6 years ago, with 4 children in UK private schools, they realised that paying the fees was getting harder and harder, and they looked around for something else to add on to their already hectic schedules. Good fortune came their way when they came across Forever Living Products. At first sight, Maria admits that she didn’t understand the potential of Forever, but after further investigation and several meetings, she got happily involved.

Within just a few short months, they were making a substantial income – enough to pay for one child’s school fees. Seeing the potential, she started to give a little more time to the business.

Over the past 6 years, she has built a business that has not only helped many other people achieve their dreams and goals, but also paid for the education of all four children, the purchase of a ‘second home’ in the UK, nice cars, and travel around the world with Forever.

Now Maria says, “You need to look at the business of Forever, because if I can do it, so can others. It is truly life-changing, and opportunities like this don’t come along very often”.

African Diaspora Success

Richard Ingleby’s team in the UK has also seen some African superstars return their skills and enterprise back to Africa from Europe.  Philomena Guandai, a young lawyer who had been practising in England, joined the Forever Living team while still keeping her legal commitments. 

“Within 14 months, Philomena had achieved some of the major incentives on offer, such as the Car Programme and Holiday Incentives,” explains Richard. “Within 16 months she gave her job up and less than three years later, she has now moved back to Kenya where she is successfully building a huge business across East Africa - whilst still generating a good pound income in the UK too!”

Philomena’s story is not unique and Richard Ingleby is always on the lookout for people in and outside Africa with the enthusiasm and flair to join his team.

“We have countless success stories and we have a unique system that has created some of the top earners in Africa.”

For more information about opportunities with Forever Living Products, +44 (0) 208338 1986 / 0044(0)7736160267 or email richard@forever-inspired.com

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