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ImageDear Helen

I completed my Master's in Development Studies in 2005 and have been working as an economic development consultant for a year in London. I am now planning to move to Dakar in one or two months depending on what opportunities arise and hope to stay there for a few years if things go well. I have never been there and so I am using alumni and personal contacts to find out about jobs and living in Dakar. I was wondering whether you could offer any advice on where to find jobs in international development in Senegal e.g., which newspapers and websites I should be looking at to find jobs. I hope you can answer my question very soon,

Many thanks,

Ann, London

Dear Ann,

Congratulations on gaining your Masters!.

Ann, you are on the right track of gaining as much information from different sources, as you have mentioned the university alumni and talking to people, which is great. To work abroad, taking the first step is the most important and this is usually gaining some insight from people who have either worked or lived in Dakar. This is crucial as it can give you a real sense of the country. However, nothing compares to a visit when you can get that instinctive feeling of being comfortable with the surroundings, the people, the environment and just a general feel for the country. You almost have to live your vision and see yourself working and living there.  Making a decision to live for one or two months is a good one, as you will need to get a good foundation of knowledge of how the country operates.  

As you have recently graduated and have gained some experience within an economic development role, what I would suggest is that you look at the Dakar expatriate website. Working and living in a different country can be a lonely process and this website will not only give you information about jobs but will also give you information and contacts relating to expatriates; again, giving you the confidence to settle in a country as well as a job, but more importantly to make friends.

In relation to newspapers, The Guardian is a good source of jobs and for travel advice articles that cover living and working abroad.  Don’t forget to check   ReConnect Jobs for opportunities in Dakar.

Below is a list of websites that you can visit and get more information on the level, salary, skills and experience that is need to work in Dakar

You can also contact us if you need some coaching in preparing to live and work in Africa,

Ann, I wish you all the best in finding a suitable job. Remember, do the research and you will definitely be on the right track to enjoying the country and finding your dream job.

Warm regards,


Voted Candace Business Woman of the Year 1997, Helen Dupigny is a Director and co-founder of Working Plus, (www.working-plus.com) a Careers Management and Diversity consultancy and creator of the award-winning ‘Six Steps Career and Personal Development Programme’. A Sierra Leonean based in London, Helen is also the author of ‘Vicissitude’, a guide to making life and career changes.

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