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ImageDear Career Coach

I was recruited into a job back home almost one year ago. I was desperate to come back to Africa but quite honestly, now that I'm back, I am finding it hard to settle. Although it is nice to be home, I find the work I am doing tedious and the pace people work at in my company is SO slow. It also seems like people don't seem to care about deadlines or getting things done efficiently. I sold up everything in the UK before leaving so I can’t go back there either. I am really getting frustrated and depressed. What can I do?


Dear Bridgette

Making a transition to another country – even if it's 'home' – is often difficult. Just as it took some time for you to adjust to life in the UK, it will take time to get back into the rhythm of life at home.

Although it is a bit late for you, others wanting to return home can perhaps learn the lesson that before rushing back, it is important to do some research and prepare for return. With hindsight, in your desperation to go back home, what assumptions did you make about returning home and how much real research did you do about the company that hired you and the job they wanted you to do? Did you take the time to understand if the job – or the organisation - was right for you or did you just seize what you were offered because it was convenient?

Also remember that even in the UK, different companies have different cultures and wherever you live, it is important that you find the right fit for you. You could equally find yourself in a tedious job in the UK, if you choose the wrong one!

My suggestion is that you ask yourself honestly what you are doing to make the adjustment and to seeing your return as a positive experience at work as well as in other respects. Are you bringing the best of what you have acquired overseas into your job and the company or are you presenting a negative and complaining presence in the face of the culture that exists? Instead of pointing out the flaws, what are you doing or what can you be doing to implement some solutions?

Now that you have made the decision and you are already at home, rather than getting depressed, what can you now do to take on more responsibility or challenge than your present job offers?

If the company's approach to work really doesn't suit your style, activate your network to help you find a job in a company that will offer the right environment for you.

But before you rush for the door, do take some time to reflect on whether you have shown yourself capable in your current role, even if it's tedious? Are you giving off the enthusiasm vibe that the company wants to see to promote you or is your body language at work reflecting frustration and a lack of motivation?

All these are questions only you can answer. But bear in mind, that changing countries means change – which means that things will not be the same. At the end of the day, you will need to accept it or make the decision to move on, either from the company or, in the worst case, the country.

We wish you all the best!

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