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Your new boss is probably keen to make a strong first impression and, in his eagerness to show his worth, hasn't stopped to assess the culture of the new company he has joined.

In this situation you have to manage your boss and help him fit in. Find a balance between helping him to understand the company culture and not appearing to be an obstacle to his new ideas. Try and understand why he believes the department is not being fully recognized. It may be that he was given this impression during his interview or when he was hired and that he is trying to deliver what has been asked of him.

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On the other hand, he may genuinely want to bring added recognition for the work of your department and before you dismiss what he is trying to do, it is worthwhile trying to find better solutions or approaches to achieve the same objective.

Try and understand why he feels your department needs a higher profile and you will be in a better position to help him shape an appropriate way of making this happen. If your company is in a cost-cutting environment, he probably feels the need to make sure that people understand the value of your department is a view which will ultimately help your team to keep their jobs.

Work with him, not against him and use persuasion and negotiation instead of obstructionism.

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