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ImageI was educated at……

...Holy Child College in Lagos, Nigeria and the Guild Hall School of Music and Drama in London and the London School of Dramatic Arts.

My first job was……

... A musical in the West End called ‘Hair’.  I played different parts including Abraham Lincoln [Aby Baby] and one of the Supremes. 

What I do now is……

… Work hard.  What I do now is try to put something back.  I am still performing after 30 years and produce and perform in shows.  I am also about to become MD of a public company called Faces Cosmetics, a special organic range of beauty products for all skin types.  And, of course, I run Support for Africa.

What I learned along the way is……

… A good name lives longer than money.  Once you’ve built a good rep, you survive better than going for quick money.

My greatest influence has been……

…. My mother and my husband.  My mother because everything I know, the way I feel, the spirit that I am, she taught me.  She taught us humility.  When she died, what a legacy she left.  Over 2000 people turned up for her funeral – everyone called her Mummy.  She gave me the greatest gift any mother could give her child – Jesus.   My husband – he’s my calming influence.  I’m like a busy bee and he just calms me down.  He’s always so giving and never says a bad word about anyone. ‘People just do what they have to’ is what I’ve learned from him.  He’s absolutely adored by my family!

The best advice I ever received is……

… Be nice to those you meet on the way up because you will always meet the same people on the way down.  My husband said this and I’m sure my mother would agree!  No one ever is below or above you.  My mother used to say to me ‘if you can’t sleep, don’t struggle to sleep, just ask God what he’s trying to say to you’.

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