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I was educated at……

... ….many places along the way; from my home to my school and ended up studying Law at the University of East London.

My first job was…

... …... helping my Mum in her restaurant from the age of 15; I had to help serve, look after customers and take food orders.

What I do now is….

….... work in promoting and working with fascinating women from all over the world who invent and innovate. This includes providing independent advice, training, promotions products and new initiatives and also providing a platform for strong networking.

Bola Olabisi LLB (HONS), LLM, CIOH is the CEO of GWIIN (Global Women Inventor and Innovators Network) which she founded in 1998 and is now the leading accolade for bringing inventive & innovative women into the spotlight. GWIIN has extended its services to include working with Government departments, leading industry experts, voluntary organisations and enterprises in finding effective ways to bring support, assistance, tools, advice and information that assist women in achieving significant growth in their businesses. Bola Olabisi is also the Founder and CEO of the British Female Inventor of the Year Award which continues to put the spotlight on women inventors across Britain and bring worldwide recognition and acknowledgement.

Bola has extensive experience, skills and professional qualifications in Community Development, Regeneration and the legal field stemming over 18 years. She is a trainer, an International Motivational Speaker and Writer who continues to share her ideas, experiences and insights nationally and internationally. Bola has extended her work with GWIIN into several countries including Britain, Canada, South Africa, USA, Spain, Hong Kong, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, India, Iceland, France, Nigeria, Morocco and most recently Singapore.

Bola has gained wide recognition for her work and received The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh's invitation to Buckingham Palace to mark her contribution as a Pioneer to the Life of the Nation. She has been presented with the International Federation of Inventors Association Award for her dedicated work and support for inventive women, the New Impact Award and the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs' Joyce Award in 2001.

Bola is married with four children.

What I learned along the way is…

….that you’ve got to keep going when you have a vision and believe in what you are doing. You can’t afford to give up when you believe in something. To succeed, you’ve got to continue to believe in your vision even when others don’t because there is a strong possibility that, given dedication, tenacity and faith, it is only a matter of time before that vision becomes a reality.

My greatest influence has been…….

…my mother, because of her commitment to her family, and being able to withstand all the challenges she faced in life without compromising her love and dedication to the family.

The best advice I ever received is…..

... ‘Never say never’ because you just never know.

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