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ImageAbu Bundu-Kamara
UK Diversity Manager

I was educated at ……


… South Bank University (London); I have a Bachelor’s degree in Technology Management and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Finance.

Abu Bundu-Kamara is the UK Diversity Manager at Pearson Plc. After leaving South Bank University with a degree in Technology Management and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Finance, Abu began his career with Pearson Plc in 2002 when he joined the Penguin Group, where he took on the role of Diversity Manager. Prior to joining Penguin he worked for Ryman’s the stationer, Enron, and The Canary Wharf Management Group.

During his time as Penguin’s Diversity Manager, Abu introduced the ‘Getting into Publishing’ event which is now an annual event, designed primarily as a lunch and learn session for undergraduates, postgraduates and recent graduates particularly from ethnic minority groups wishing to find out about the various careers options within the publishing industry, and Penguin specifically. He also organised Penguin's first ever diversity week in July 2006, highlighting some of the complex issues surrounding diversity.

In 2006, he took over the role of UK Diversity Manager for Pearson in the UK. Among the biggest challenges has been creating and managing diversity initiatives for a company with so many diverse brands. Pearson has a number of diversity initiatives one of which being an internship scheme for ethnic minority graduates, which has recently focused on final year students, to maximise the company’s potential of retaining them as permanent hires.

Pearson is also a member of Stonewall, the gay rights advocacy group, and collaborates strongly with other organisations such as Opportunity Now, the Arts Council England, and Race for Opportunity, to bring more diversity into publishing in the UK.


My first job was……


… believe it or not, working for Theo Paphitis, who is now the well known face on BBC’s Dragon Den. I worked in the HR Department for his retail chain Ryman’s the Stationers.


What I do now is……


… I am the UK Diversity Manager for Pearson Plc. Pearson is an international media company with world leading businesses in education, business information and consumer publishing. Pearson operates a number of companies, all with their own unique brand. These companies include Penguin, the UK’s most recognized consumer publishing house, The Financial Times newspaper, Pearson Education and Edexcel, the examinations board.

I am also the chairperson and coordinator of the UK Network for Diversity Practitioners. I am also a partner in pharmaceutical business in Sierra Leone with my dad who is a retired pharmacist.


What I learned along the way is……


… to always be yourself.


My greatest influence has been……


… my parents. My parents have been the most inspirational people in my life; my mother was a very strong black woman who taught me the importance of hard work and my father gave me the discipline and strong values that I live by.


The best advice I ever received is……


… to follow your feelings; if it feels right move forward and, if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.

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