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5 Minute Interview – Lester Holloway, Journalist
“My top tips for succeeding in my career are.… …as a presenter, think slightly ahead of your mouth!'
Lester Holloway



I was educated at....

…. I didn’t go to university after failing one of my three ‘A’ levels at school. My parents didn’t go to university, so I guess they weren’t able to advise me on continuing my education at the time. I later completed a (NCTJ) Diploma in News Reporting at City University.

My first job was....

….while I was still at school, working in a carpet company in Acton, west London. I was made to move very heavy carpet rolls by myself, and I was quite skinny at the time, so you can imagine how difficult that was. The staff used to snigger in their office as they watched me!

What I do now is....

….. I’m a policy consultant completing a study on future funding for the BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) voluntary sector. I also have a Politics TV show on BEN Television every Thursday.

Until recently I was a senior communications executive at an enterprise working to create new enterprises. I’m currently also re-engaging with the Liberal Democrats after six months away after I resigned over racism.

Lester Holloway has worked in the media for 15 years.

He was Editor of the African and Caribbean newspaper New Nation and News Editor of The Voice.

Lester has written regularly for The Guardian and freelanced for the BBC. He is also a communications and public relations executive and policy consultant.

He has also worked in the anti-racist movement, including for Operation Black Vote, and was previously a Labour and Liberal Democrat local authority Councillor.


What I learned along the way is…

….. Be true to yourself, respect yourself, and do the right thing. We can all make a difference. We are all leaders in some way.

The greatest influence on my life has been……

….. Too many to mention! If I had to pick someone, I’d say the late and legendary Bernie Grant. He encouraged me when I was in my early 20s and just getting into politics, and was a great support.

The best advice I ever received is…

…..‘Stay true to yourself!’

My top tips for succeeding in my career area are…

…. As a journalist, I’d say my top tip is to read widely, but as a writer not a consumer. As a communications executive, it would be to look at best practice and innovate. As a presenter, think slightly ahead of your mouth! And, on policy, never stop imagining the change you want to see!




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