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Image Jean Joseph

Visual Artist


I was educated at....

....the University of North London (Metropolitan) and University of the Arts.

My first job was....

....as a junior clerk with a Professor of Anatomy in the Department of Health and Social Security (DHSS).

What I do now is....

....I am a visual artist and deliver workshops in my capacity as an art facilitator. I write art critiques and curate art exhibitions. I have been involved with the arc Gallery in North London for the past six years as an art project co-ordinator, writer, curator and as an artist.

Jean Joseph is a visual artist/curator, draughtswoman, art facilitator and writer. She was born in Dominica, Windward Islands and has been based in London since childhood. Jean’s background is in spatial design and architecture, which has a strong influence in her mixed media work as an artist. In 2002 in a joint exhibition, entitled ‘Recycle Redeem’ at the Tricycle Gallery, she described her art on disappearing Caribbean architecture as photo-collage and mixed media, which attracted attention due to the optical intrigue of the medium and theatricality of the compositions.

She has been involved with arc (Artists’ Resource Collective) in Haringey for the last six years delivering art programmes; coordinating exhibitions, film screenings and supporting other artists to exhibit their work and most currently as a writer. Jean has participated in projects in other boroughs, particularly Brent, and with artist practitioners, most recently as lead artist for a summer 2010 project entitled ‘This is me, This is Harlesden’ for young people.

This was celebrated at an unveiling late last year in Harlesden Library. The project was commissioned by Brent Museum as part of the ‘Stories of the World’ programme being delivered by museums around London.

Jean describes her workshops as LEAP (Let’s Enable Artistic Potential) challenges.

She also works with film independently, screening titles which inspire and educate, from a specifically African perspective.Films such as ‘Kirikou and the Sorceress’ and ‘Akeelah and the Bee’ have been featured, followed by educational and interactive activities.

Jean participates in community-led and partnership projects on issues related to literacy and African history and culture. She is on the Steering Group of the BIZ (Black Interest Zone) at Harlesden Library. Her solo show entitled ‘We’ve already paid – Journeys and Kinship’ at the arc Gallery, North London, received very positive feedback last summer.

These works focus on the commerciality of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and ancestral reconnections in terms of facial resemblances across the African continent and Diaspora. It also looks at reconnection through shared heritage.


What I learned along the way is...

....If you do not succeed along one path due to obstacles, take an alternative route towards your goals. The processes are, however, as important as the outcomes.

My greatest influence has been...

....if referring to life;

  • My mother, who did not have much of an education, but was extremely bright and goal-driven.
  • An elderly colleague who taught me how to operate a teleprinter.
  • A maths teacher who demystified the subject.
  • My daughter, who is a natural geek and whizz kid with modern technology and computing, but quite a ‘sage’.

With the arts;

  • George Braque (French cubist artist)
  • Jean Michel Basquiat (Haitian American artist)
  • Wifredo Lam (Cuban artist)
  • David Chipperfield (British architect)

The best advice I ever received was....

I’ve never actually been given any specific advice that comes to mind – just general, such as a college lecturer telling me to ‘watch out for the ‘information superhighway; it’s going to be big’. If I were seriously into computers, I might have capitalised on that in a lucrative way! I have not received any advice within my own field but I have had a great deal of encouragement from family and friends that is worth its weight in gold.



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