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ImageI was educated at……

The South Bank and City Universities in London.

My first job was……

.. as a Studio Manager and Presenter with Radio Nigeria – Calabar – Nigeria in 1977.  I was just 17 years old at the time.  The environment prompted my interest in media and journalism.

Everest Ekong is the Publisher of Business in Africa Magazine and Business & Financial Times (Ghana).  He is the founder and Chief Executive of the business information group – Business in Africa Holdings Ltd.  He has over 24 years experience as a journalist covering Africa, 13 of them as publisher of Business in Africa Magazine.

Mr Ekong earned a Masters degree in International Journalism from the City University, London in 1989 and a Bachelors degree in Social Science from the South Bank University London in 1987.

His career in journalism started in 1977 as studio manager and presenter with Radio Nigeria. In 1989 Mr Ekong was appointed the first News Editor of West Africa Magazine, a London based publication covering the Ecowas region. In 1995, Mr Ekong co-founded the African Journalist of the Year Competition and Awards. Exclusively, CNN International now runs the annual competition.

In the year 2000, Business in Africa acquired the assets of the Business and Financial Times newspaper in Ghana and the B&FT is currently the leading business newspaper in Ghana.

In the past 14 years Mr Ekong has spearheaded the expansion of Business in Africa Magazine into 23 African countries and major international markets. The magazine and its website www.businessinafrica.net have won several international awards for excellence.

Mr Ekong is currently working on the expansion of Business in Africa magazine’s regional editions. An East Africa Edition of the magazine was launched in Nairobi in 2005.  The West Africa Edition is due to be launched in Nigeria in September 2006.

What I do now is……

… I am the Chief Executive of the Business in Africa Group Pty Ltd.  Business in Africa Group provides business information expertise to African and non-African businesses, governments and individuals seeking to profit from doing business on the continent.   In the past 13 years the group has made significant progress in building a multimedia organisation with offices and associates in 5 African countries.  Our assets include: Business in Africa magazine, Energy in Africa newsletter, Business in Africa publishing, Business in Africa Conferences and Business in Africa Consulting.

What I learned along the way is……

… The task of rebuilding Africa must involve all Africans and others who care about the continent. That there is a greater opportunity now to rebuild Africa than there has been in the last 50 years.  We must seize the moment. Our business was launched in London in 1993.  This was a time when many Africa countries were emerging from a period of protracted economic difficulties.  I believe that our persistence and strong belief in African prospects has yielded a good harvest.

My greatest influence has been……

… the impact of leaving family in Nigeria in the 1980’s to study, work and live in the UK.  It was a most gruesome and exciting experience.  The educational and cultural experience has contributed immensely in building the person I am today.

The best advice I ever received is……

… the body of a man is very small compared to the spirit that inhabits it.  To succeed, you must appreciate and learn to release your spiritual energies

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