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Head of Human Resources Programs
Job Title: Head of Human Resources Programs
Location: Washington DC, USA
Company: IFC
Job Summary: The Vice President is looking for a Head to assist the HR work program of the Vice Presidency.
Job Description: The Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Resources (CTSVP), provides overall direction for IFC's corporate functions, including Human Resources, IT, budget and administration and corporate strategy.The Vice President is looking for a Head to assist the HR work program of the Vice Presidency. The position will be in the HR Department, reporting directly to the Vice President. The position will provide a unique opportunity for an operational staff to provide guidance to HR programs, ensuring that work delivered meets the needs of the business; while at the same time, the position will allow the incumbent to gain an overview of IFC's corporate functions and interact with a wide range of people both inside and outside the Corporation. The position requires a commitment to the continuous development of IFC's HR programs to support the business as well as strong project/program management, capacity for focused work and excellent communication skills.
Requirements: Qualified candidates will have a strong professional record and significant experience within IFC. S/he should have: (i) a solid record of accomplishment and credibility with the business; (ii) superior program and project management skills; (iii) sound judgment and strong organizational abilities; (iv) excellent interpersonal skills; (v) demonstrated interest in and experience with HR related matters; and (vi) a working knowledge of HR best practices. The candidate must have demonstrated the ability to work across boundaries as a leader and as a team member and a willingness to learn about HR programmatic work. The Head will be responsible, for helping design and implement HR programs and initiatives for IFC, in close coordination with WBG HR centers of excellence.S/he will to design, build, and implement with line management a strong integrated set of programs, initiatives, processes and products to address IFC client needs and ensure seamless support to IFC managers and staff in the delivery and continuous improvement of these programs. Specific areas of focus will include the HR and staff-related programs required to create position management and recruit, develop, recognize and reward IFC staff in line with IFC’s unique business needs as well as the new requirements of the IFC 3.0 strategy. The incumbent will work closely with the WBG HR Department to develop and implement these programs as well as work with finance colleagues to monitor Shared Service Agreements (SSA).S/he will manage a team of IFC HR dedicated resources to implement HR programs and initiatives within the organization. S/he will co-ordinate a group of senior resources who will operate as thematic leads for the different HR programmatic areas.
How to apply: Please apply online at: www.ifc.org
Closing Date: 09/08/2017
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