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ReConnect Africa Magazine September/October2016

  • Editorial - 10 Years of Africa

    Being in the ‘business’ of Africa can generate frustration, exhaustion and constant repetition. But every once in a while you are reminded why it matters.

  • Managing the Commonwealth

    “Fight sexist attitudes head-on. Show them you can deliver; that you are not second best.” Florence Mugasha, Deputy Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Secretariat on the role of the organisation, leveraging Diaspora expertise and leadership challenges for women.

  • Celebrity Power

    A chance meeting with an AIDS orphan inspired singer and entertainer Patti Boulaye to use her celebrity to make a difference to her home continent.

  • Young, Gifted, Black – and an Engineer

    The Association for Black Engineers UK is the first organisation bringing together black engineers to challenge and inspire young black people to enter the field of Engineering

  • Investing in Nigeria

    A recent conference in London highlighted the case for investing in Nigeria and accessing a regional market of 300 million people.

  • Editorial Let’s Be Grown-ups about Africa

    On behalf of my fellow citizens of our great continent, here are some rules – let’s call it our 10 commandments - we would like you to observe in your future dealings with us

  • In Conversation with Ben Jones

    In a memorable conversation, we spoke to acclaimed African-American artist Ben Jones about the influence of Africa, Cuba, the Civil Rights struggle and what Black Consciousness means today.

  • A Plate in the Sun

    What do you get when you fuse the best of Ghanaian, African and Western cuisine? Patti Sloley talks about her mission to bring the best of Africa the West.

  • A Good African Story

    “The future of Africa’s success is in the hands of young people.” The Ugandan founder of Good African Coffee, Andrew Rugasira, launches a new book that shares his personal experiences as an African...

  • From UK to Ghana: The Saga Continues…

    Moving to Ghana after a lifetime in the UK has brought its challenges and triumphs. Elvina Quaison reports on her journey thus far.

  • 5 Minute Interview Rosalind Kainyah MBE Managing Director, Kina Advisory Services

    “The best advice I ever received is… …As a leader, always take full responsibility publicly when things go wrong – you can kick your team’s collective butt behind closed...

  • Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs: Creating Employment despite Challenges

    Despite the continent’s economic challenges, young African entrepreneurs are overwhelmingly upbeat about the future, says a new report by the Anzisha Prize.

  • Innovation Africa 2016

    Industry and governments are eagerly anticipating this month’s Africa’s leading Education and ICT Summit.

  • 2nd HR Winners Africa Conference

    This two-day conference will bring together experts and practitioners seeking to crack Africa's talent challenges.

  • International News Round

    A round-up of recent news from the UK, Africa and around the world.

  • Events - Dates for your Diary

    What’s on in September and October? Take a look at our listing of free and paid-for events and activities and take advantage of discounts available to our subscribers.

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Editorial 10 Years of Africa

Being in the ‘business’ of Africa can generate frustration, exhaustion and constant repetition. But every once in a while you are reminded why it matters.

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